Internal Internship Pilot Program (an initiative of 正规平台's Anti-Black Racism HR Working Group)


The Internal Internships Pilot Program (IIP) was designed in response to the  解决反黑人种族主义的行动计划  (ABR) Workforce Action Item #3: “Work to increase the representation of, 和职业机会, 黑色行政和支持人员.”


  • address the inequities and employment barriers Black-identifying employees at 正规平台 may experience and
  • give them greater exposure to areas of professional interest and guide them in their future career development at the University, 


  • 培养更好更强的联系
  • providing access to coaching and experiential learning opportunities from 正规平台 professionals. 

This pilot program is neither a developmental assignment nor a term appointment. It is a learning opportunity that provides exposure to a new work environment at the university. 它不影响工资或任何其他就业条件. 

Interns will perform a weekly average of 2 – 3 hours of work for their Host unit, for a minimum total of 30 hours and not extending beyond 60 hours over a period of 6 months.

参与者 & 资格


主持人: The Host is the person/unit that accepts to host an employee normally employed in another unit at 正规平台 (i.e.,实习生). The Host person or unit will prepare for the internship so that the experience is rewarding and useful for both the Host and 实习生. 以确保他们能充分参与, 主持人必须考虑他们当前的工作义务和时间, 并确保他们的主管接受这个安排. 

实习医师: The Intern is a 正规平台 employee who spends time working at another unit. Interns must consider their current work obligations and have their possible participation in the program approved by their supervisor. 

家主管: 住家主管是实习生通常的主管. 如果他们同意这个安排, they will support the prospective intern’s request and thus will allow them to spend time with the Host on designated days and for specified times.  The 首页 Supervisor will explore the following questions with the prospective intern:  

  • How is the arrangement aligned with the intern’s current development plan as outlined in their performance dialogue?  

  • How could 实习生’s usual unit benefit from the learning experience 实习生 will acquire through their experience with the Host?  

  • 与家庭单位的目标一致, what development opportunities could be extended to the prospective intern at the end of their placement? 



预期 & 时机


东道主必须能够欢迎, 板载, 培训实习生,并使其融入主管部门的工作. 

The Intern must be able to maintain their duties in their home units. 

The 首页 Supervisor should allow 实习生 to perform a weekly average of 2 – 3 hours of work for their Host unit, unless an alternative schedule has been agreed upon between the Host, 实习生和他们自己.  


The timing of the internship depends on the availability of the Host, 实习生, 和家庭监督. 

为了有意义, the minimum duration should be at least 30 hours over a period of several months, but not more than 60 hours over a period of six months starting from July 2022 at the earliest.  

在实习期结束时, 实习生 should have engaged in both shadowing and leading a supervised project. 

The work assigned can be either a typical representation of the Host’s usual activities, 和/或可以基于主机分配的特定活动. 


The Internal Internship Pilot Program has the following potential benefits: 

  • Networking opportunities that can help to break down employment barriers and provide equal opportunities for all employees. 

  • Providing 工作人员 with insight into the roles and responsibilities of their colleagues and other units. 

  • Development of an opportunity for employees to gain experience and to learn from colleagues within 正规平台

  • Allowing 工作人员 to widen their lens and understand more about how the University as a whole, 功能. 

  • Providing opportunities for 正规平台 to remain an employer of choice for our 工作人员, 尤其是来自代表性非常低的群体的员工. 

  • Providing opportunities for leadership and mentorship in the Host unit. 

  • Providing skill development and capacity-building for 工作人员 that will benefit them during and following their internship experiences, 促进集体层面的成长和知识. 

  • Provides potential points of collaboration between the home and host units. 

在试点项目结束时, 家庭监督和寄宿者, will gain recognition from the AVP – HR and the AP (Equity and Academic 项目) for their efforts in supporting the 解决反黑人种族主义的行动计划, 即, 职业发展, 黑人雇员的保留和晋升. All Interns, Hosts and 首页 Supervisors will be invited to a celebratory event.  

过程 & 联系



The pilot program is coordinated by the HR Working Group on Anti-Black Racism’s Career Development, 推广和保留分组, 以及宿主单位. 


  • 未来的实习生将完成  实习申请 Form, have it approved by their immediate supervisor, and submit it no later than 7月7日, 2022. 

  • A prospective intern may also include a special request to be matched with a specific unit that is not already listed on the website.  

  • Hosts will decide who and how many interns they can admit during the Pilot. 最后期限决定和 联系未来的实习生 is 7月18日, 2022. 主机还必须通过电子邮件将此信息转发给子组 abr-careerdevelopment [at] 正规平台.ca 在同一日期之前.

  • Hosts are expected to contact any non-selected applicant in real time, 通过电话或虚拟会议.  

  • 在Pilot的中途, both the Host and 实习生 are asked to complete an Evaluation Form 



  • After the Pilot, both the Host and 实习生 are asked to complete a second , final Evaluation.  



If you have questions or would like to speak with someone about the program, 请随时与协调团队联系. 正规平台期待您的回复!

联系人: abr-careerdevelopment [at] 正规平台.ca